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I luoghi del design in Italia - Quattordici viaggi d'autore alle sorgenti del progetto

The book I luoghi del design in Italia will be presented on Thursday 6 July at 8pm at Atipografia. The event, organized by Nardi ( with the participation of the Muni winery (, will see the presence of the authors Antonella Galli and Pierluigi Masini, with the actor Francesco De Marzi speaking. Moderator Vinicio Mascarello.

JULY 6th 2023

“Proprio io, che ho fatto dell’estraneità una scelta” - About the work of Vitaliano Trevisan

Friday 30 June at 8.30 pm in Atipografia presents the evening "Proprio io, che ho fatto dell'estraneità una scelta" About the work of Vitaliano Trevisan. The literature of Vitaliano Trevisan told through the words of Luca Illetterati (philosopher), Gilda Policastro (critic and writer) and Matteo Giancotti (historian of Italian literature and critic). Three people who knew him as an author and as a friend.

JUNE 30th 2023

Alfonso Cariolato presents

On Wednesday 31 May at 8.30 pm in Atipografia the philosopher Alfonso Cariolato presents his book Uscire da nulla. Le arti, l'opera published with the contribution of Atipografia and published by Mimesis Editore. In dialogue with Marcello Ghilardi (University of Padua) and Gianluca Pulsoni (Cornell University), the presentation will also be an opportunity to get to the heart of the philosophical debate on contemporary art.

MAY 31st 2023

Zen meets art 

A Zen approach to the art of Diego Soldà 

Workshop conducted by Sabrina Koren Montemurro and Andrea Eko Maragno during the exhibition La cava delle Nuvole Bianche by Diego Soldà. A Zen story is combined with the artist's work for a journey between Art and Zen. We will meditate together with the works of Diego Soldà.

APRIL 15th 2023

Marcello Foa presents
Il Sistema (in)visibile. Perché non siamo più padroni del nostro destino 

Friday 27 January 2023 at 7.30 pm Marcello Foa, in dialogue with the journalist Marco Ghiotto, will present his latest book Il Sistema (in)visibile. Perché non siamo più padroni del nostro destino published by Guerini e Associati.

JANUARY 27th 2023


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