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From Saturday May 21st until Sunday July 24th Atipografia hosts the personal exhibition of Arcangelo Sassolino Il vuoto senza misura.

Arcangelo Sassolino's project is an extraordinary visual, sensorial and philosophical spectacle, capable of involving the visitor who ends up feeling himself a protagonist as well as a spectator. As Ilaria Bernardi writes in the catalog: «His works are not separated from the world, they do not constitute other worlds, they are not images or fictions, but real processes of reality. For Sassolino, the artist is only a "stage master" ".

The artwork "Il vuoto senza misura" will be activated from Tuesday to Friday, once a day, at 18.30 for a duration of about 2 minutes.

Saturdays at 12.00 and 18.30.

In case of bad weather the artwork will not be activated.


Admission is free of charge and reservations are not required.



From Saturday 17 September to Sunday 30 October Atipografia hosts the collective exhibition UNPLUGGED which will exhibit the works of the artists Mirko Baricchi, Mats Bergquist, Mattia Bosco and Gregorio Botta.

UNPLUGGED is the result of a three-day meeting between the artists involved in the project and represented by the gallery, during which they shared ideas and ideas on the relationship between their work and contemporaneity.

The works born from common reflections and dialogue are designed and created to be lived without filters and without mediations. UNPLUGGED is an exhibition designed without the presence of a curator to promote the concrete relationship between artist and artist, between work and space, and favor a final outcome in which the direct relationship between the works and the visitors aims to break down every possible barrier both on the level physical as well as conceptual. The works of art are not intended as objects but as presences capable of pervading those who live there.


Admission is free of charge and reservations are not required.



From Saturday 26/11 to Saturday 24/12/2022 the spaces of Atipografia host the personal exhibition of Denis Riva entitled Limbo Incerto.


The artist stages fragments of the human soul at Atipografia, formulas of pathos that man has always experienced throughout history and with which he has always had to relate – fear, loneliness, habit – which are personified by the human figure itself. ​


Denis Riva treats the gallery space as if it were a large canvas and proposes in the main room an imposing unpublished installation formed by a group of silhouettes painted on wood that relate to each other. They are fluid, indefinite figures that seem to have detached themselves from a drawing on paper to acquire three-dimensionality. This is the work that gives the exhibition its title: a frieze of about twenty meters that accompanies the visitor in a fast-paced story. ​


Saturday 26 November 2022 at 18.30 the exhibition will be presented with the presence of the artist

Admission to the exhibition is free and reservations are not required.



Curated by Robert Phillips and Matilde Nuzzo

From Saturday 21/01 to Sunday 26/02/2023 Atipografia hosts the personal exhibition of Stefano Mario Zatti entitled La forma delle parole. ​


The exhibition was born from the discussions between the various sensitivities of the people who accompany the artist on his journey. In Zatti's work, in which the written word is often the initial motif of his representation, there is a narration at the bottom of each work, a sort of latent bubble, which expresses every aspect of his works with writing. This form of personal encyclopaedia is a tool for representing the plausible, a sort of conscious illusion linked to the daily suggestions of the concepts underlying the artist's aesthetic elaboration. His words are shadows that occupy small clippings within an absolute space placed in contexts that are deliberately silent and, at times, restless and obscure. ​


On the occasion of the exhibition, a written catalog will be presented conceived and drawn up in the form of a multi-voiced conversation between the artist, Elena Dal Molin and the curators of the exhibition. The writing recounts the complex interactions in poetic but also critical form, and shows fragments of memories that resurface, forgotten places, distant memories that are returned to the reader as metaphors of a path that is difficult to tell by other means. ​


On Saturday 21 January 2023 at 18.30 the artist, together with the curators, will present the exhibition. ​


Admission is free of charge and reservations are not required.



Curated by Luca Massimo Barbero

From Saturday 25 March to Sunday 14 May 2023, Atipografia hosts the exhibition LA CAVA DELLE NUVOLE BIANCHE, a personal exhibition by the artist Diego Soldà curated by Luca Massimo Barbero.


Diego Soldà is a painter who works with the rigor of a scientist and who studies time and gestures in their interactions with materials. The result of his research is a painting that sometimes becomes three-dimensional, becoming sculpture, and which gives concrete form to waiting and time in its realization in space.


The title of the exhibition, LA CAVA DELLE NUVOLE BIANCHE, refers to the heart of the artist's poetics and at the same time alludes to the stratifications that often characterize deposits of sedimentary rocks and to the sense of luminous lightness produced by the white layer which generally constitutes the finish of the works of Soldà.

The exhibition itinerary intends to explore in particular the most recent phase of the articulated creative path of the Venetian artist, presenting a selection of unpublished works in which time and stratification act through patient daily repetition: the pictorial gesture of drawing up layers of water color on a surface or an object leads, over the course of months or even years, to give life to results with a strong sculptural impact. The massive plastic shapes that result are then dissected in order to reveal their intimate chromaticism.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog which will contain images of Soldà's works together with the works exhibited in the Atipografia space and a dialogue between the curator Luca Massimo Barbero and the artist.


The exhibition can be visited starting from Saturday 25 March at 17.00.

Admission is free of charge and reservations are not required.



with a curatorial text by Irene Sofia Comi

From Saturday May 27th to Thursday July 27th 2023, Atipografia hosts the exhibition LUMINOUS TERRAIN, a group show by young artists Yulia Iosilzon (Israel, 1992), Grace Mattingly (Chicago, USA, 1991) and Guendalina Cerruti (Milan, 1992).


The works presented dialogue with each other in the gallery space, through some themes dealt with that the artists share and that each one addresses with her own language: images related to the world of fairy tales, the fantastic, enchantment, childhood, the invention of stories and then fiction.


At the same time, the exhibition aims to broaden the observer's gaze by bringing the narration beyond the purely fairy-tale aspect represented in the works, giving the individual individual researches of the artists a broader interpretative and visionary breath. Does the imaginative degree present in the works manage to lead the visitor back to experiences lived in "reality"?

Guendalina Cerruti's installations represent interior monologues, micro-universes full of feeling and sarcasm, situated between reality, representation and imagination. The artist's subjectivity and popular culture merge, returning a deeply personal narrative, expressed through an enigmatic aesthetic, in which the subjects express an existential and social malaise, a product of contemporary society linked to consumerism and glamorous lifestyles. Grace Mattingly's paintings are bright and playful, populated by female and gender-neutral figures who mingle with animals and creatures in a fantastical universe. The works exude warmth and coziness through a bright, attention-grabbing, full-scale palette. The artist reflects on the themes of gender and sexuality, play and improvisation, fantasy and the unconscious. Yulia Iosilzon is inspired by children's illustrations, fashion and theater to propose fragmentary narratives in large works. The initial legibility of his work is challenged by the persistent use of techniques that interrupt the image, breaking up previous impressions one has of the work in its visual fullness. To create his scenarios, the artist uses scenes from everyday life and then resorts to burlesque, grotesque, irony and humour.


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog and a curatorial text by Irene Sofia Comi.


The exhibition can be visited from Saturday May 27th at 17.00.

Admission is free of charge and reservations are not required.



From Saturday 7 October 2023 to Saturday 20 January 2024, in the gallery spaces it will be possible to visit the exhibition RHIZOMA, the first solo show in Italy by the artist Josh Rowell (Kent, 1990) curated by Andrea Maffioli.

Friday 6 October 2023 Atipografia organized a Vernissage with the presence of the artist, from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Participation is free of charge.

On Saturday 7 October 2023 the exhibition will be open to visitors from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm.


Rhizoma, through a series of multimedia installations, paintings and drawings, delves into the symbiotic connection between the natural realm and the digital universe, highlighting the shared patterns, synergies and interdependencies between the two worlds.


To bring out these correspondences, the exhibition takes shape from the concept of rhizome: in botany, the rhizome is a plant structure that grows underground with a multidirectional expansion, giving life to a real living network between plants.


Humans increasingly navigate a digitally connected landscape, making it critical to reflect on parallels with the natural realm. Drawing inspiration from the mycelial networks found in forests, which serve as an essential communication and nutrient distribution system for plants and trees, the exhibition seeks to highlights the fascinating similarities with the mechanisms of the digital sphere.


The exhibition was possible thanks to the technical support of Digimax and DALCNET.



Atipografia presents the exhibition Babel, a solo exhibition by Mirko Baricchi (La Spezia, 1970), which builds a visual itinerary through the artistic research of the painter from La Spezia over the last ten years.

The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 24 February to Saturday 18 May 2024 in the gallery spaces in Arzignano from 9.30am to 1pm and 3pm to 7.30pm. 


Admission is free of charge.


The exhibition project involves over twenty works on canvas and paper, many of which are unpublished and created specifically for the occasion. Oscillating between painting, graphics and illustration, Babel traces a narrative arc in the space designed to represent the different creative phases that characterized Mirko Baricchi's production, divided into real cycles.


The very title of the exhibition, which draws inspiration from the idea of ​​the Tower of Babel, evokes the image of a stratification of different languages ​​in the same structure which, by coming together, create a new form. The exhibition accompanies the visitor through the artist's mental process, showing how the different cycles of his production blend into each other without ever completely exhausting themselves, but providing the foundations for the construction of the next phase. By choosing not to articulate his works around a single and definitive subject, Mirko Baricchi explores and breaks down the figure, shining the spotlight on the true protagonist of his reflection: painting itself.


In Babel the artist's rapid gestures are combined with cancellations and sudden interventions, creating a profound balance between the application and removal of color and returning an image that oscillates between real landscape and mental space.



at Parco archeologico del Colosseo

The personal exhibition by Mattia Bosco (Milan, 1976) entitled Kόrai opens to the public from Friday 22 September 2023 to Sunday 14 January 2024, in the evocative spaces of the Temple of Venus and Rome, in the archaeological park of the Colosseum.


The exhibition project is curated by Daniele Fortuna and is promoted by PArCo – Parco archeologico del Colosseo, by the Atipografia art gallery and by ArtVerona.


The exhibition was born as the outcome of the ninth edition of the Level 0 project, an ArtVerona 2021 format which invited a selection of museums and private foundations to each identify an artist present at the fair to promote within their future programming. The Colosseum Archaeological Park has selected Mattia Bosco – represented at the Fair by Atipografia.


The Kόrai exhibition project comes to life from 12 marble sculptures conceived specifically for the spaces of the Temple of Venus and Rome, the largest cult building in the eternal city inaugurated in 136 AD, originally covered in precious marbles from all over the Empire .


Mattia Bosco wants to reintroduce in new forms the precious marble materials used in Roman architecture of the imperial age in the remains of the ancient temple: in profound resonance with the genius loci, he wants to arouse the sensation of something removed that resurfaces, of ancient inhabitants returning with different guises, revealing however from their way of inhabiting the space of being at home. The cipollino marble, Portoro, Collemandina red, paonazzo, peach blossom and Carrara white - once columns, inlaid floors and wall coverings - return here as sculptures, in a material and temporal continuity that unites past, present and future.


Atipografia presents La città fantastica, the personal exhibition dedicated to Piero Fogliati (Canelli, 1930 - Turin, 2016) open to the public from Saturday 25 May to Saturday 14 September 2024 in Arzignano, in the spaces of what was once the old family printing shop that Elena Dal Molin has transformed into an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art.

The exhibition, built in collaboration with Archivio Fogliati, is the first event that Atipografia dedicates to a historic artist and features a selection of ten sculptures created by Piero Fogliati between 1968 and 1993.

The fil rouge of the exhibition is the research and construction of the fantastic city, a project that the artist inaugurated in the early 1960s in response to the progressive spread of the phenomenon of urbanisation and its impact on the environment and landscape. In Fogliati's work, drawing takes on a design value and sculpture becomes the moment of realisation of utopia. For this reason, a series of drawings representing 'la città fantastica' are displayed to complete the exhibition. The urban structure is the undisputed protagonist of Piero Fogliati's creative universe, who responds to pervasive technological development by imagining an ideal city where every artificial unit interacts with the natural element. Piero Fogliati's 'fantastic city' is articulated as a true urban project where each work, entirely realised by the artist, from the screws and bolts that compose it, draws on the artist's fascination for technical-scientific knowledge to reproduce a unique sensorial experience.

The exhibition is part of the cultural programme of Atipografia, where Piero Fogliati's aesthetics meet the territory and dialogue with the extensive industrial production and the strong link with the machine that distinguishes him. With the exhibition La città fantastica, the artist's imagination combines nature and technology, creating unexpected synergies, playing with the visitor's perception to the point of creating real sensorial experiences.

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