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Stefano Mario Zatti investigates the themes of silence, time and dreams. His works are born from the study of the spiritual traditions of man: from shamanism to the Egyptian liturgy, from Gnosticism to alchemy.

Every job is an abyss in which we get lost, an abyss only at times closed in on itself and which actually opens up to a religious world made of dust, places and magic.

There is no purely formal approach in Zatti: the construction of language takes place on a different level, in a conceptual, warm and Mediterranean approach, more inclined to create bridges and analogies between different worlds and languages than to close in a single discipline. , in a single alphabet.

The artist accompanies us in this process from shadow to light and from light to shadow in total naturalness, discovering imperfect simplifications and complexities.

It is in personal intimacy that the artist's works find their origin, to arrive unexpectedly at an objective truth, a necessary root, a rare and precious sense of humanity of things, a rediscovered landscape.


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