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Yulia Iosilzon, Grace Mattingly, Guendalina Cerruti


with a text by Irene Sofia Comi

From Saturday May 27th to Thursday July 27th 2023, Atipografia hosts the exhibition LUMINOUS TERRAIN, a group show by young artists Yulia Iosilzon (Israel, 1992), Grace Mattingly (Chicago, USA, 1991) and Guendalina Cerruti (Milan, 1992).

The works presented dialogue with each other in the gallery space, through some themes dealt with that the artists share and that each one addresses with her own language: images related to the world of fairy tales, the fantastic, enchantment, childhood, the invention of stories and then fiction. At the same time, the exhibition aims to broaden the observer's gaze by bringing the narration beyond the purely fairy-tale aspect represented in the works, giving the individual individual researches of the artists a broader interpretative and visionary breath. Does the imaginative degree present in the works manage to lead the visitor back to experiences lived in "reality"?

May 27th – July 27th 2023

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