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Stefano Mario Zatti


curated by Robert Phillips e Matilde Nuzzo

From Saturday 21/01 to Sunday 26/02/2023 Atipografia hosts the personal exhibition of Stefano Mario Zatti entitled La forma delle parole.

The exhibition was born from the discussions between the various sensitivities of the people who accompany the artist on his journey. In Zatti's work, in which the written word is often the initial motif of his representation, there is a narration at the bottom of each work, a sort of latent bubble, which expresses every aspect of his works with writing. This form of personal encyclopaedia is a tool for representing the plausible, a sort of conscious illusion linked to the daily suggestions of the concepts underlying the artist's aesthetic elaboration. His words are shadows that occupy small clippings within an absolute space placed in contexts that are deliberately silent and, at times, restless and obscure. ​

January 21st – February 26th 2023

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