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Cerruti’s installations represent inner monologues, micro-universes loaded with sentiment, sarcasm and attitude, lying between reality, representation and imagination. Subjectivity and popular culture come together to create emotive experiences for visitors entering the scene.
Her practice is the result of daily layering and connecting impulses and ideas, in an attempt to explore contemporary living and the rupture between the self and reality, borrowing from psychoanalysis and social studies.
Her sculptures, paintings and objects often invite anthropomorphism, giving the installations a clear sense of narrative. The figure of ‘the inept’, as portrayed by Italian author Italo Svevo a century ago, is recast/reimagined through her subjects, who express an existential and social malaise—the product of contemporary society bound by consumption and glamorised, aspirational life-styles.
A deeply personal narrative ultimately permeates the work, expressed through enigmatic aesthetics and fragments of information that both reveal and obscure an intimate secret. 


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