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"Bergquist's action is therefore a continuous unstoppable search for the simple to arrive at a revealing clarity through the serenity of the image"

(Bruno Corà)

Mats Bergquist's works are made in encaustic and extend to the same eternity of the icons. The work of art, stripped of any sign, figure and often even color, pushes the viewer into a dimension of concentration and meditation, until it becomes a hierophanic image.

This is the concept of which the entire work of the artist is imbued, which he himself condenses in this affirmation: “Every painting must be a prayer”. It is a vital impulse always framed in a contemplative dimension.
In Mats Bergquist's work, painting and sculpture evoke each other to search for cracked space-time coordinates, which are nothing more than a tension towards a further dimension.


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